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Chris' recording studio is called 'The Nursery' and is based in Nottingham.

The studio is centred around a Tascam M3500 48 input analogue mixing console, which together with Nuendo software, RME ADI 8 Pro DS sound card, UAD and TC Powercore dsp cards makes for the perfect studio solution.

Monitoring is via Dynaudio BM 15A's, Auratones and Soundcraft Absolute 2's. Chris also uses a variety of pre amps and eq's including the Neve 1073 & 1081, the Fosucrite Producer Pack, TL Audio EQ2 and a DAV Electronics BG 1.

A large collection of microphones are also on offer, designed to capture any given acoustic performance, including a Vintage Neumann U87AI, a Rode K2 Valve, Akg 414 & 451, a vintage D12, Shure SM51',57’,58’ & 77’, Sennheiser 421’s, a matched pair of Octava Mk012 A 's, a vintage Reslosound ribbon and RG 500’Ribbons.

Reverbs and outboard gear include a Lexicon PCM 70 MPX1’, Digitech Studio Quad Multi FX,
Drawmer LX 20’, Aphex Aural Exiter Original and a LA C4 Compressor.

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The Nursery also houses a wide variety of synths including a Wurlitzer Ep 200, a Korg Triton, Trinity, MS 20 and X5, a Moog Rogue analogue, Akai S300, Novation Supernova, Bass station and a Kurzwiel Piano.

For guitars Chris uses various Fender ,Gibson Martin and Epiphone models with Marshall, Fender, Epiphone and Peavey amps.

Finally the studio is also equipped with many 'virtual' effect and instrument plug ins including Native Instruments collection, Waves Platinum, Ivory and Halion to name but a few.

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